What can we say? Some people just like to do it on video. Video conferencing. Face-to-face. We’re on the same page, correct?

For many companies, video is still something of a conundrum. They might have tried using it years ago, and now no one can figure out how to use it anymore. And if they do have a system, they probably paid a fortune for it. Unfortunately, their kids probably do more video calls in a week than they do at the office in any given year. It’s actually kind of embarrassing.

But thanks to the miracles of science, video conferencing has taken quantum leaps in the past few years. It’s in the sweet spot: less expensive, better quality, and easier to use.

Bringing teams and customers together has never been easier. By utilizing products from LifeSize, Polycom, and Avaya’s Scopia platform, we can craft a solution for you. These solutions will allow you to extend your collaboration efforts in the most natural of ways.

From smartphones/tablets, to computer based, to desktops and room systems, options abound. And even if you don’t want to purchase a video conferencing system, we can help you with solutions that include LifeSize and Vidyo cloud offerings.

No matter how you want to see and be seen, we can make it happen. Even in high definition. And nobody looks good in that…