This is a test. Does anyone actually use the telephone anymore? You might ask yourself that question, but we know better.

We know talking to people can be exhausting. But there’s a reason why voice communication, person-to-person, is seeing a rebirth. In an era of texting, chatting, blogging and posting, real business still gets done by people speaking to one another. And although our kids might not like it, we know better…

And who’s to say how we should call one another anymore? Desk phones, hosted phones, voice via text, smart phones, voice apps, soft phones, voicemail forwards, or even dumb phones; there’s a flavor for your business and each of the people in it.

We believe that at the core of any of these offerings is a powerful voice system to process calls. Sometimes these systems are located at your business; sometimes they live in the cloud. But regardless of their physical nature, they need to be robust, scalable and affordable.

As such, our voice solutions are easily separated into two categories: premise-based or hosted.